On one side Slovenian business environment can be very attractive due to strategic location of country, great connections to South and Eastern European countries, economic stability and highly skilled workforce, but on the other side it can be complex due to bureaucracy, law and decentralisation of services.

If you plan to enter Slovenia and start your business, it is very useful to have a Slovenian partner with great knowledge of local legislation and system. With our knowledge, expertise and wide network of selected service providers we can offer you the best possible support to start and grow your business in Slovenia.


  • choose your plan

  • E-GUIDE - full
  • Preparation & organisation
  • Obtaining tax number
  • Opening company-free
  • Opening a bank account&e-bank
  • Translation services-for registration
  • Work&residence permits
  • HRM - search, contracts
    (1 employee)
  • VAT registration
  • Translation services-for VAT
  • 2START

  • 3.100 €

    per package

  • 2WORK

  • 4.300 €

    per package


  • 4.800 €

    per package

  • no
  • no

  • 6.000 €

    per package

Find out what option would work best in your case.

Ask one of our team advisers and save your time!

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